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I was actually relatively impressed with the performances and overall story in this week's Glee but I had some pretty serious issues with some of the plot at the end. .

So yeah, who else saw Mike Chang and Tina doing that song coming about a mile away? Very solid execution if a wholly predictable move.

Anyway, my beef comes in with Britney and Artie. It's a bit confusing exactly how that goes down. Brit is definitely very pushy and yes, taking advantage of an emotionally vulnerable Artie. Something in it for her, yes, but Artie seems pretty excited. That said, she's never been portrayed as capable of being manipulative or malicious, and it seems pretty sure that this is the impression that Artie leaves with. And he thinks so much better of Santana than he does of Brit that he believes her version of events?

I don't think Brit was thinking, "get what I need and leave him" I just don't think Brit was thinking, period. She's a flake, obviously not too sharp and (non-judgmentally and sex-positively) slutty as all hell, but she's not at all the evil bitch Santana is. She sleeps with people because she can (and possibly because of horrendous self esteem issues) but she doesn't do it for personal gain.

She doesn't know how much sex meant to Artie? Well whose fault is that? I didn't see him complaining that it wasn't meaningful enough at the time. I don't think he made an incorrect conclusion or that a relationship between them was by any stretch of the imagination tenable, but I take issue with his righteous indignation. Had he been just dramatically upset at the gulf between them of how much sex does/should mean, and/or felt taken advantage of in a weak moment, I would be fine with it, but I don't like how quick he is to attribute malice and/or self serving motives to Brit, especially on the word of a self admitted bitch.

In stark contrast, I am loving how House is treating the major relationship of this arc.

And yes, Chase is kind of a dick but he knew she was gonna get thrown off the team and then probably sleep with him eventually anyway.
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